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Come to me…

This life here on Earth is but only a blink of an eye compared to eternity; yet it seems like […]

Whiter Than Snow

As we have our first snow fall of the season, I am reflecting on how the Bible tells us that […]

Count Your Blessings

I realize it has been quite a long time since I wrote a blog. My life has become much more […]

Happiness or Joy?

My life group has started a study on the book of  Philippians.  Philippians is the JOY 101 book! My life […]

Facebook Group

Looking for good Christian fellowship? This is a great group!

God of Wonders

This is an amazing video of proving God’s existence through nature!

No limits

No limits, have you ever sat and pondered this thought? “God has NO limits” we on the other hand live […]

Blessings in Disguise

The value of human life, today in our world it seems very minuscule. Unless you or a loved one has […]


The big F word… FEAR! Not the F word you were thinking of? This F word is still pretty bad. […]


As some one who has been completely healed of suicidal thoughts over 2 years ago, from a life time of […]


Have you ever had the experience of driving when you suddenly realize you dont remember the entire drive? Or caught […]

Ready or Not?

This past Sunday we had a visiting pastor from India, who our church supports as a mission group.  Pastor George […]

Mustard Seed

The lack of common sense, or common courtesy in people today really amazes me. I know many people who are […]


My kids have often asked me why God doesn’t just “speak” out loud to them. They dont quite undrestand yet, […]


I have been reading quite a bit of different short Bible devotions on my Bible app on my phone lately. […]

Can I Pray for you?

So I thought about making Mondays a day to ask others if I could pray for them. I do enjoy […]

Mustard Seed

The lack of common sense, or common courtesy in people today really amazes me. I know many people who are […]


I have been doing a lot of reading about prayer latley…. what is prayer? Prayer is a fancy word for […]

Blue Skies

No matter where you live, spring is usually very wet, with more rain than other seasons. Despite not having many […]


As the day of moving approaches, I have become less and less motivated. Im not sure as to why this […]

Gods Eyes

Being a Christian as with most good things in life, isn’t easy. If it were, we wouldn’t need help doing […]

Update 1

Hello all, Please continue to pray for my husband. Even though this journey has just recently begun, it has been […]