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Laying in bed the last 2 nights listening to my husdand snores has been a refreshing of hope. Yes most wives/husdand will 99.9% of the time be annoyed at this sound. I have been one of them over the past 10 years of our marraige! I am now the 1% that has found the joy in it.

This sound means so much to me now. The sweet sound of my soulmates breath of life…. it means I get to sleep one more night with him, cuddle next to his warm body, one more night, anticipate his kiss on the forehead as he leaves in the morning, one more time. Hear our kids say I love you daddy, one more time.

Its those 1% moments we all in life take for granted. We are not promised tomorrow. Those little things that might annoye us about our spouses still means they get to annoye you. One day you wont have the pleasure to be “annoyed” one day you will miss being “annoyed” buy what ever it was….

My only hope in this new cancer journey with my husband is knowing God is always good and one day I will see my husband again in heaven no matter the time he or I leave this temporary home. God is my hope and my salavation in him whom I will trust!20180105_220310

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