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3rd Times the Charm?

Does this status bar look familiar to all you Facebook gooroos? My husband tagged me today in a reminder status he wrote today, 3 years ago! It said this:

So the images they got back from the capsule endoscopy confirmed the Chrons and cancer (Colon). Insurance approved 99 sessions. So here we go its time to kick cancers butt and keep on trucking I don’t have time to be sick anymore. To much to live for only God can stop me NOT CANCER, CHRONS OR MAN!

My husbands tag was ” Three years ago today! Ya 3’s are a bad number…

My husbands referring to the “its a bad number” to me because I used to hate the number 3, specifically 333. It stems back from a very dark time in my life where I was running from God and trying to live a life I was never made for. I found myself in a Jail cell, with 333 bricks; yes, I counted them all! I was on suicide watch which therefore you where not allowed to have anything in your room but a pillow. VERY VERY boring, oh and not to mention the despised hideous black eye I called it in the corner of the room. I was watched 24/7. SOOO needless to say I associated the number 3 with a very bad experience.

I have over the years learned there is a certain underlying meaning to numbers in the bible. The saying 3rd times a charm has been casually thrown around in this country, which had made me curious as to where that saying even came from in the first place, and why it stuck! People say things all the time, why does certain things hang around for years even centuries? Looking into the etymology of this phrase was fun, I found as far back as Shakespeare ” The Merry Wives of Windsor” 1602 and from the British phrase 3rd time Lucky in the proverbial “Luck of the 3rd Adventure” In 1839.

Try, Try, and Try again phrase is similar which I thought the explanation of 2 isn’t enough but 4 is too many that pointed to 3 is enough! This made me chuckle a bit. I found in Jewish traditions the number 3’s significances of the Chazakah is basically a law that if you posses something like say property for 3 years uncontested it basically shows ownership. Even the Japanese have a similar expression of 3 ” The Truth of the Third Try” or “Sandmen No Shojiki” Shojiki is hard to translate into english. Possibly close to integrity, honestly… similar to the Jewish Chazakah. I find it interesting that pretty much from as far as records are kept there is a significances to the number 3. All most as though it is ingrained in our souls.

Now, the biblical meaning of the number 3 gave me great hope and comfort.

  • The number 3 is found in the bible 467 times
  • First example being the holy trinity Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • 1st of 4 spiritually perfect numbers. Others being 7, 10 and 12
  • 3 Righteous patriarchs before the flood. Able, Enoch and Noah
  • 3 Righteous “Fathers’ after the Flood. Abraham, Issac and Jacob, later to be named Israel!
  • New testament has 27 books= 3x3x3 hmmm? Or Completeness to the 3rd power!
  • Jesus was 30 when he started his missions, and 33 when he died.
  • Jesus prayed 3 times in the garden of Gethsemane
  • Jesus was put on the cross in the 3rd hour 9am, died at 3pm ( Jesus suffered from the 6th hour until the 9th hour, all derived from the number 3)
  • 3 hours of darkness fell after his death
  • Dead for 3 full days and 3 full nights
  • 3 who saw Jesus transfiguration on Mount Hermon, Peter, John and James
  • Jesus was tempted 3 times by the devil
  • Peter Denied Jesus 3 times, fell asleep 3 times in the garden
  • Jesus asked Peter if he loved him 3 times….

The most touching evidence was realizing how then number 3 symbolized God’s sovereignty. Knowing that no matter the situation in our lives here on this temporary home God is and has always been in control.

Hindsight is wonderful… After studying the number 3 briefly I can see that through my darkest times he was still in control, still loving me and patiently waiting for me to return home. There is so many little things that if your not looking for them you will miss. God is in it you just have to be looking!

When I looked up my husbands cancer ribbon color to start gathering awareness accessories, I was floored to see the it was Red and White…. by his stripes we are healed! Red and White has so much Biblical significance! This has God written all over it! Even thought I am not physically going through my husbands cancer, I am his wife and there fore I have a job to help him in the weak times to not loose faith! His journey is has always been difficult on this earth. I am thankful that God brought us together to help each other see the light through the storm clouds when we could barley see past the rain hitting our cheeks.

We have both battled our fair share of health issues over the years together. Our marriage has thrived and grown during these times specifically. Not many people actually mean the part in their vows “In sickness and in health” My prayer to God has been to show my husband that unconditional love especially during these times. Some days are harder than others but I cling to many Bible verse of God helping us when we are weak.

My husband was healed from his colon cancer! Onto the Laryngeal cancer now. During that time and his go around with his Chrons complications he was able to be a light to so many hurting and lonely people in the hospital. You see we do not know what God has in store for us, but if we take advantage and become his vessel to the kingdom of heaven, our time here on earth is but only a shadow; here today gone tomorrow. How will you be remembered? What will your life legacy be?

Look for the little things that give you joy, because when your eyes are open, you can see the Light!

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