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New Day



Upon waking today I was reminded of a song I had not heard in some time.  The song is called “New Day” by Avalon.  The Son, and the sun, are shining today! Instead on dreading the new day, I am embracing it today!

Today at my weekly women’s bible study we are studying the book of Hebrews.  We are learning about the “new” covenant which is of course Jesus. It has been an eye opening and enlightening study. How often are we like those children of Israel, wanting to return to the “old” ways because they “think” its easier.  The old covenant of having to make sacrifices for their sins daily, to us seems like something on the strange train… The bible was written in a different time yes, often its hard to understand unless you are familiar with the day and age and customs of that time period. It is still alive and prevalent to us in our time also. Customs, clothing,  technology, buildings all might be different but the human heart is still the same yesterday, today and forever until the return of our King.

The bible deals with heart issues. The message is still the same, our sin divides us from the presence of God. Repent and turn from our old ways, turn to the face our our loving God and we can be free! We took part in an amazing communion today at bible study as well. I have taken part in communion more times than I can count, but todays I will remember forever. It had almost become a ritual in my heart instead of truly reflecting on what Jesus did and the whole reason we take part to celebrate in communion. Just as we have a birthday party to celebrate and remember the birth of whom ever it is… Communion is a celebration in remembering what Christ did to make us free!

My teaching pastor had us after we dipped the bread into the juice, go off on our own and really use our imagination to think upon being at the foot of the cross looking at Jesus feet, blood dripping off his toes, asking for forgiveness of our sins, then looking up to his face looking down at us…. feeling his loving gaze as he looks into your eyes and takes in a breath to say ” IT IS FINISHED.” The word He used for finished, is also the same word used when He says you have been made perfect in His eyes; that took my breath away. I recently watch a show of Jesus crucifixion around Easter, so I had that fresh memory of his bleeding face still in my mind. Tears came rushing out of my eyes filled with an immense amount of gratefully humbled emotions of every tear that fell.

The jewish traditions of the passover were meant to be relived not just remember.  My bible study leader Ashley Possin made a funny but true statement ” Gods gift to us is his memory loss!” He has forgiven us, which means remember no more! How often are we continually putting ourselves down for a past sin that we already asked to be forgiven? God looks at us and says “i have no idea what you are talking about. ”  Every new day, is really a new day,  a new page to be written. Stop living in the past and let God live in you and make you a new creation every day! We cannot be his hands and feet to work to his Glory and his will when they are digging in the dirt of our past!

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