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Update 1


Hello all, Please continue to pray for my husband. Even though this journey has just recently begun, it has been a roller coaster of getting things done. There has been doctor mess ups, insurance and paper work mess ups which are putting a halt into getting the proper treatments for my husbands cancer. Mean while, as the insurance is making life difficult my husband has been getting worse. Many lymph nodes are swollen now along with a few other symptoms that are very uncomfortable. His throat is still very painful, very hard to eat and breath with his tumor. There is little relief to his suffering, yet he still gets up every day and goes to work, busting his behind for us! My husband is my superman! He calls me his kryptonite (LOL)  My husband is such and amazing inspiration to me and an awesome man of God!


  1. My heart and prayers go out to you and your husband. Truly. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to have to deal with paperwork issues on top of your husband’s condition. God bless him for all getting up and taking care of his family. I pray that things get easier for you guys and that your husband’s gets some relief (& ultimate healing) from the swelling and pain.

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