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A Journey to a place called Rock Bottom

Christian Friedrich Gille-958977

I wrote this poem a long time ago, I found it just recently and thought I would share it with you all.

                       A Journey to a place called Rock Bottom 

                               Written by Jennifer Graham

    Once upon a time there was a little girl so beautiful and fare, born into a world of despair. A heart so innocent and pure, would soon find out the lure of this world. Now this road to Rock Bottom was all to popular. The girl now grown into woman of disheveled derangement, from a childhood of darkness, grief and despair; has lead her to this road, with an entrance to stare! A beautiful gate, leading to a way that looks so elate. Upon arriving at these large pearly gates, carved with a gold trimmed hedges surrounding the gate. She could see another path off up to the right, up a pretty steep hill with a dry dirty ground and holes all around, filled with a heap of large rocks in her sight. A dusty dry ground leading to another rather rusty large gate. She couldn’t see past the brokenness of the gate, as it was up a hill and into  the clouds, there in lied its fate. Despite this treacherous looking earthly gate , it had a curiously peaceful feel to its rickety rusty gate. Looking back to the gate in front of her as the glimmer of gold shimmer caught her eye. She could see past this gate on a flat narrow straight, beyond the well decorated gate. Sounds of laughter rang through the air as they danced threw her hair and lured into her ears. Soon came a stranger to greet her at the gate ” oh what a radiant beauty you have to estate, won’t you come in?” this stranger once said, as the storm clouds gather above her head, “you’ll be safe, oh won’t you come in?” with an out stretched hand and welcomed her in.  A crowd started to gather to show her the way in. It seemed so perfect and fun, what harm could be done. As far as she knew this was the way  in, into a place she could be welcomed in  . Its warm and welcoming with a fire a glow ,and no one to say no.  She traveled along a nicely paved road with smiles at hand and a very nice man. This place seems so lovely she said in her head, as the seen of the old rickety gate ran back into  her head, she wondered what was behind that old trusty gate. More laughter quickly brought her  thought back to her state as she thought these people are nice for welcoming me in.  But all to soon she began to feel like she had to swim, there were so many people now to come in. She began to feel a bit overwhelmed, not knowing which way was the helm. Through the  noise that was so loud, she thought she heard a small faint sound, that did not sound like the laughter with in. She shook it off and it faded away, until the day, a day that her laughter was so grave. The once thought truly happily ever after of joys and laughter now  became her screams of disaster. Her silent screams of despair from behind her grave stare. Frozen with in her fear, she could not move,  for this road was much, much to slow; even though a long time ago she thought she  had no where to go.  This road is far to long, a journey she thought was much shorter, she has wondered in circles for far to long. The faces all blended into warm thin air, she found herself just standing there. No one around  to send a quick smirk to turn her frown from up side down, down to the ground she found herself in, on top of  the sign that said you are in, this place called Rock Bottom, the place you are in.  Just then she remembered the gate,  so dim and broken and hard to get in. There must be something worth seeing to have such an entrance thats hard to get in. She stood to her feet with a new found hope; to find out what it might be like inside that gate that is filled with hope but looked so broken and grim. It must be a better place than the place I am in. For it looked so inviting and possibly fun in these gates that I am in, a place I thought would shelter me in. A place I thought that would welcome me in, until the day I found out I was broken within. It was then that I realized this place that i am in, is not the Rock Bottom that I wanted to be in.

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