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There is this new song by Landry Cantrell called Gravity, about Gods love being like gravity.  Its an amazing and catchy song, almost like my own heart wrote it! WE ( humans) are pretty much the same in a sense that we ALL need God, we were made by, and for him! Our hearts cry is all the same!  We all have the same types of feelings and emotions. Different circumstances of course ignite those feelings. Ultimately we call all relate to one another in many ways.  These feelings can send us into a whirl wind and feel as though we are in a tornado. God’s love is just like gravity, pulling us closer to him and grounded in his love so we are not snatched into the destruction of the tornados powerful whirl wind of a storm.

Often times when life hits us with very unexpected news, like cancer for instants it can feel like your Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz, trying to rush around to find safety of the incoming approach of the storm ahead to be knocked out cold, wake up in some alternate strange reality and wonder where in the world Kansas went! What if we could skip the knock out part and stand in the normal reality and just watch to storm from inside the heart of the tornado? Like the 1996 movie Twister ( great oldie but a good oldie) when they are tied to the very grounded pipes looking up into the middle of the tornado where it is strangely peaceful as this mighty powerful rage of wind and derby fly around you.

I have mentioned in past blogs about my motivation tank being on low… Today was a great motivation booster at my women’s bible study. God knew exactly what I needed to hear, as he always does. Even though I am not to happy to be moving to a place I do not care for, God still knows whats best for us. God can see the panoramic view when all I can see is the 5×7 view.  We all want this microwave fix of life problems.  There is billions of dollars in self help books about the answers to so many different issues from parenting to marriage advice ect. even good “christian” advice on these subjects as well. Today my teacher and friend made a statement that is so truthful, those are all symptoms, symptoms of not having that close relationship with our maker. When we fall in love with God and  his message, we cannot help but want to be more and more like Christ. LOVE like christ. When we love like Christ all those “problems” with our parenting, marriage, friends, work ect. will all come together.

The thing about gravity is that it pulls what ever is near towards it, you can’t escape it, you can try as hard as you can to resist it, but in the end you can only resist for so long. It will win in the end. You can be pulled by force or go willingly with less strength zapped from resisting it.  In the book of Hebrews in chapter 10 in warns about being on the other side of Gods good side. To those people who “call” themselves a Christian but understandably and knowingly still choose to sin. There is gravity all around us, by not choosing God you are choosing the world, that is a gravity of a black hole that is a void of eternity without God. Gravity is a continual tugging and pulling, a forced movement in a way, just like our faith and maturity in our Christian walk needs to be moving; but in which direction is your gravity pulling you?

Hebrews 10:26-27 (NIV)

26 If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, 27 but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God.

This message of truth is not to scare you, Its a message of hope! A God of hope and mercy that is wanting a life of love, joy and forgiveness.  Just like a mother who warns her children of the consequences of their actions, also comforts and loves them after correction.  We are also called to love and encourage one another as well. I am telling you this to encourage you, I am speaking the truth because God’s love is the truth, but not with out consequence. This day and age we live in has tried to brain wash us into thinking there are not consequences for our actions, “be what you feel like”, “its all about ME ME ME”, “every one gets a trophy”,  no matter how much anyone put effort into it… I am sorry to be the bold truth barer, that is not right; just because the majority  of people are doing something, does not make it right.  The gravity of this world is suffocating people with lies.  It breaks my heart to see so many lost sheep.

Hebrews 10:32-36 (NIV)

32 Remember those earlier days after you had received the light, when you endured in a great conflict full of suffering. 33 Sometimes you were publicly exposed to insult and persecution; at other times you stood side by side with those who were so treated. 34 You suffered along with those in prison and joyfully accepted the confiscation of your property, because you knew that you yourselves had better and lasting possessions. 35 So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.36 You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.

As the verse above state that if we persevere until the end we will receive what has been promised! That is our hope, that is what will keep me running into the gravity of Gods love. One day there will be no more suffering, no more pain! I have to hold tightly to this promise or I will easily be sucked into the gravity of this world and the lies satin uses to fuel his black hole of desperation!

*You can find all of my womens bible study audio recordings at under media and the Well womens bible study

*( I would normally add the youtube link of the song I mentioned, but of course technology is not cooperating today, I apologize.)






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