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Life’s Pitches



I was going through our desk, packing of course and came across something my husband wrote on a note pad. The note pad was from a hotel, it must have been on one of his many out of town trips for work. My husband is also quite the writer himself. We actually have a lot in common believe it or not!

This is what the note card said:

Sometimes life throughs you curve balls, sliders and most of the time fast balls. It doesn’t matter how many times you swing or strike out, or even if you hit a foul ball; Jesus is the catcher, the coach and also the number one fan in the bleachers! So what if we fail at life, we can’t get down on ourself. IF you read this let it sink in no matter what God is there and he will catch you too!

Written by Robert Graham

This note card had no date on it, I do know it was within the last year though. This was also written before he was diagnosed with his newest cancer as well.  My husband is a strong man, physically and spiritually, his strength, his honor, his morals all amaze me every day! He did not grow up going to church like I did, he had a very rough background. He calls me his angel because I am the reason he even stepped foot in a church. If he had not met me he would be dead already from either a gang fight or found dead of blood alcohol poisoning in an alley some where. He had a druggy for a dad and a mother who left him at a young age, but a blessing of a grandma who raised him and loved him so much, then left this world all to soon from a sickness from smoking to much. WE both had previous very broken marriages and children from past relationships. For my husband to write about the pitch of life being thrown at you, I can fully attest to the fact that he knows all to well the bad pitches in life.  Even with the latest pitch of cancer, he is still standing in his faith and looking to see how God’s glory can shine through this time in his life.

Despite my husbands childhood and young adult background on the home plate of failure, he has the biggest heart you can ever imagine! He knows first hand about being caught by God! Our faith over our 10 years together has grown immensely from many of life’s pitches. Through riches and poorer, health and sickness… our vows have came true many times over. What God has brought together let no man separate has been our marriage moto for sure! No matter the pitch, keep playing the game. There is and has already been victory in the cross!

John 16:33  (NIV)

33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”




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