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Love Language


My family has been learning american sign language. I am normally a “hand” talker when I talk anyway, I’m sure there is some Italian mama in our genes somewhere! I have always had an interest in sign language even before my husbands recent predicament of a large possibility of one day only being able to communicate with this type of language. His cancer is in the least common place in his throat, his tumor is in or on his voice box. My husband’s voice right now is very scratchy, it comes and goes from barley understandable to mild horse, and hurts for him to talk any way. Another added bonus is for homeschooling we can use it as a 2nd language credit!

Learning a new language has made me think about the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11 in the bible.  Could you imagine not being able to talk to some one all of a sudden? I have often wondered what other people were saying when I have over heard another language I didn’t understand. This also made me think of another type of language most people don’t often think about, action language! I read a book many years ago called “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman.  ( There is only one universal language… LOVE and God is love! Everyone can feel love through actions with out using a single word. Yes,  I am aware of one of the languages being “words of affirmation” It is always nice to hear kind words. The bible speaks of kind words being like honey sweet to the soul! kind words are still a form of the greater… LOVE!

My childhood pastors wife made a statement many years ago that stuck in my head, ” we are called to witness, and if necessary use words” God calls us to love first and foremost! Not talk a good talk to bring people to Jesus… ” talk is cheep” and ” actions speak louder than words” are two very real and truthful sayings we have all heard of!

It saddens me that so many people consider Christians hypocrites. The even more disheartening thing is they are right. So many people who claim to be Christian on Sunday, or when life is going good, have a nice house, car, good job, success (worldly) ect until Monday morning, or when life has thrown a rock into your pond and you lose that nice car, house or job. I have known and served with many people at church that play a good Godly role, until I see their social media page… pictures and statements that look just like every other worldly person or something that you would not normally associate with a person who considers themselves Godly. Drinking, parties, their jokes, their associations ect. I am not saying drinking is ungodly, but when your posts of bar pics of house drinking that are not glorifying the Lord, they are! I have a mixture of friends saved and not,races, backgrounds you name it, on my social media pages. It is very sad that many of my christian friends post look exactly like my non christian friends posts.

Our lives are meant to make non believers question what it is we have… in a good way! That peace during troubled times, that joy in unforeseen storms, the love extended to the not so easily loved and our giving and sharing of much or little that we have! If you are proclaiming to be something, but your actions don’t line up with that belief, your a hypocrite!

We all fall, fail and stumble as christians. This doesn’t make us hypocrites it makes us humans! There is a real difference between trying and failing then saying and not doing. If we are called to be the salt and light of the earth but taste the same as everyone else and do not shine any brighter than anyone else, who will question that? Why are you a Christian? is it “fire insurance” is it because you know in your heart there is a higher power but still want to do and live “your” way? What does Jesus sacrifice mean to you? Is your talk matching your walk? if not, why? I strongly feel the christians in todays day and age need to do some strong soul searching. I for one do not want to be known as “fake” or a “hypocrite” I do not want to be the one who makes anyone stumble in their faith. I know the power of Jesus message, the saving grace only He provides. I want to show the world there is HOPE, one HOPE and his name is Jesus! I want to live out that HOPE in my every day, not just on Sunday! How about you, what you do want your life to say? What is your life saying to others right now?




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