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The next few days will be filled with wonderful chaos! If I can write I will, but I am not making any promises. My oldest daughter’s birthday is tomorrow as well. In between finishing packing, moving stuff to a storage, birthday celebrations, tying up loose ends all crammed into one weekend, makes my head spin!

My life is no were near as busy as some peoples every day lives.  Rush here, rush there, rush to sleep… if you can with out your mind rushing full of thoughts of the next days rushing around! My son loves the super hero “THE FLASH” he loves to run at super speed around the house, stores, parks you name it he will try to run it! I am constantly telling him to stop running, unless were at the park, it’s don’t stop running! Hoping he will tire out from running, wishful thinking!

Todays American life style is very busy, no one hardly rests, takes time to smell the roses, unwind, its always go go go and if  your not, every one assumes you have no life! When did having a life equal running around like a chicken with its head cut off? That is such a terrible analogy but it really paints a good word picture, kinda gross but perfect!

When do we pencil in time with God? Is God first, middle, last, or at all? The devils greatest tool is time, if he can put our plates so chock full that even a 24 hour time period isn’t enough for us to get stuff done; he can keep us so busy we forget about that critical time we desperately need to spend in Gods presence. Time in Gods presence to help restore, renew, regenerate! A little R&R for sure! Its our SOUL food! Is your soul starving? The bible describes the word of God as the BREAD OF LIFE! Even Jesus took time away to spend in the presence of God, JESUS TOOK TIME TO PRAY, wow!

I guarantee that if you make the time to put God first in your life, the hustle and bustle of life won’t be so overwhelming. You can have a calming peace about your FULL schedule when you invite God into that schedule! Find your time to be alone with your maker! Your soul depends on it! Plus I am sure the people around you wouldn’t mind a less chaotic, stressed out person in their life!

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