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Have you ever eaten something that was “bittersweet?” My first thought was Sourpatch kids candy… No idea why, I dont eat that kind of candy any longer. I do however remember how Sourpatch Kids candy tasted; face squintingly sour that activates your saliva glads in the back of your throat, then pleasing sweet after all the sour is sucked off. Its an odd combination with food opposites, sweet and sour, salty and sweet or even spicy and sweet is a thing now too!

Today being our last day in Spokane has been just this bittersweet! Our last day in Spokane also happened to be church as well… let the tears flood gate open wide today for sure! Our home church in Spokane over the last 5 years has become a part of us. Our kids growing in friendships, grownup friendships that grew into life long friendships I am sure of! Many people who have not seen my husband in 6 months shared our bittersweet hello and good byes. Many prayers today at church with hands laid for healing of my husband as well.

Today was definitely a no make up day! As much as leaving my friends is a bittersweet emotion, leaving my oldest daughter and grandbeauty is beyond words and emotions can express. My thoughts centered on Mary the mother of Jesus, the ultimate bittersweet of the bible.

I cannot fathom what Mary went through seeing Jesus tortured and bleeding… her baby, her son her SAVIOR! knowing that the very child she felt growing inside her, the very child she answered to every infantile cry, the very child she taught to walk, talk and who knows what else! He suffered and died for all of us, including Mary his mother. Mary was human just like you and I. She knew He had to die for all mankind. Did it make it any easier watching the horrific manner in which he laid down his life for us? NO, no it did not. BUT, can you imagine the emense joy Mary felt those 3 days later… that sweet taste of victory!

I do not know what things God has instore for us on our next Journey. As much as I do not want to go, I trust God. I trust God needs to use us in this new place, after all we are his hands and feet. We have have told him “send us Lord” there is no small fine print attached to this stating only to places that are nice and sunny and vacation like with family you fill in the blank to “your” terms. We ment it, Lord. I do have a sense of what Jonah must have felt though, I can put in place of Niniva/Reno… only I am not running the other direction as he did. As a friend told me my light shines bright, Gods light is leading the way. So our new journey begins!

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