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Day Off

Being a “homemaker” as the title is labeled these days for a stay at home parent/spouse is called now, I could use a day off, or even a sick day! Yes, I am actually sick right now. I knew it was inevitable as the week of 3 sniffeling noses have kept me up more than normal. New town, new germs, new stressers, new sounds, new bed all equaled getting a cold, for all of us! The luxury of being the “homemaker” is not having to worry about getting fired for calling in sick, all though there isn’t even a call to be made.

Isn’t it wonderful our Lord doesn’t call in sick, the things that our Lord does for us that we are not even aware of, amazes me! Talk about a full time, no sleep job! Our brains can’t even imagine anythjng that is not mortal. Even the thought of eternity blows our puny brains. Often times we don’t stop and praise him enough for all the things that God is doing that we do not even know about.

My head has been in a major fog latley between sickness and adjusting to our new living situations. My writing meter is on low right now. Kids are misbehaving more than normal, trying to adjust as well, just without adult capabilities. It has been tedious trying to organize our small space to not be overwhelming, which cause even more chaos in my childrens tiny undeveloped minds which turns to more disobedient behavior.

In a way I am waiting to wake up as if I were in a bad dream. Trying to get into a routine with my spiritual life again as well as our academic lives also. Its that darn adulting thing getting in the way of life again. My husband and I where having the kids help unload our uhaul in

to a storage unit, as I looked at my husband and said ” dont you miss being a kid and making literally EVERYTHING fun and a game” because unloading was NOT fun to us!

I really am looking forward to heaven, there wont be any adulting to do in eternity!

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