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Tea & Tissues


Something I found interesting when reading of Jesus life on earth was his ability to just listen. We all know he had/has the power to hear our thoughts and preform any miracle. Yet when he or people came to him he asked them what they wanted of him or just let them talk first about their ailments.

How quick are we to try and “fix” a problem with out listening first? Or just asume we know what a person needs or wants before actually asking?

This is so true in regards to “helping” the sick. Sometimes we even just ignore it hoping others will step in, maybe not even knowing what to say or do keeps us away from those people. Or maybe your the OVER helper, making those people feel overwhelmed or even helpless unless you do it. You dont have to have the gift of service to help others.

Helping others also means listening…

Asking someone how you can help is a very humbling question. Sometimes we can be afraid of this question simply because we think their answer could be something we can not do. We need to not be afraid to ask if their is anything else besides xyz we can do. Most people appreciate you even asking to begin with!

Not knowing or understanding what a person is going through should never fear us away from being kind. Maybe that sick person just wants company to feel normal, have a cup of tea and hand them a tissue if they need one. Not every sick person wants to be reminded they are sick, trust me, they dont forget! You can shave of the fear of thinking they want you to answer tough questions about their health or questioning lifes circumstances. Even if you come across a situation like this, there is no shame is just saying I dont know but I can pray for your peace about that question.

I am reminded of Jobs “friends” who all tried to have all the answers which just infuriated poor Job, when honestly he probably just wanted a shoulder to cry on!

My husband has always been pretty right on when it came to knowing that I just needed him to let me vent vs trying to fix it! Have you ever just needed to scream, and did it, and felt much better after! Life is tough, especially when your sick…. dont treat the sick like a plague and exile them as outsiders. They are still human just like you and I, craving for normalcy. All you have to do is just ask…

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