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Our mind is such an amazing and complex mystery, able to create and imagine things unimaginable. The diversity our each individual’s imagination created from all the same physical parts as the next human being is also unimaginable as well. God truly gave us all a piece of his greatness. Look at all the wonderous and frankly kinda scary looking animals God created on this earth! I can not fathom Gods imagination with looking at some of these creatures.

Who are we to make another human being not feel welcomed, or feel as if they don’t belong to a certin “type” of society? Last I checked our type is human, and we ALL have it in common!

Standing up for ones beliefs should never over step the plain out love we should show another person. Jesus ate and fellowshiped with sinners the “odd” crowd, the “shunned” crowd, the out casts of society in his time. He showed them love, kindness, even though he stood for something they did not.

It pains me to see a nation divided with such anger towards people they dont agree with. Families never becoming that strong unity because of diversity in belief, but not just because of diversity but hostility in creating a false sense of anger towards that very diverse belief against our own. Letting that anger fester and become the hidden monster inside fueling our every action feeding into our false reality.

Our beautifully intricately designed mind used to create a reality of unrealistic expectations of a life in complete agony, living on a fuel of selfish hatred against each other.

In my beautifully created mind I can not seem to understand this? I can not seem to understand a harden heart, nor do I really want to. It totally breaks my heart to hear things of people, even my own flesh and blood that have so much hate against another person. I get angry, I get hurt, I have been hurt by others severely, but some how I still have that nagging cricket conciousness wanting to forgive. I know it is the Holly Spirit inside me, reforming me, and defining me.

I have prayed many times to never let my heart be hardened by hatred. I heard or read some where that holding onto anger is like holding a hot coal in your hand, but expecting someone else to get burned. Jesus speaks of forgiveness that is oppiste of how our society views forgiveness.

Matthew 6:15 (NIV)

15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins

Forgiving others just to be forgiven by God, yes is crucial, also God knows how freeing it is to truly forgive. The greatest prison there is, is the one inside us caged in by the bars of rage melded together with every hatefilled thought. Imprisoning our hearts to never feel love and compassion.

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