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Gods Eyes

Being a Christian as with most good things in life, isn’t easy. If it were, we wouldn’t need help doing it. The Holy Spirit wouldn’t have a job to do. If it was something we could master over night, it wouldn’t be worth doing either. The long process of being refined by God takes a life time, plus some!

Have you ever walked along a lake or river shore looking for the colorful smooth river stones? My mom loves to search for heart shaped rocks, my family is always looking for interesting rocks!

Those rocks took a very long time to become smooth. The processes of being rolled and banged amongst other rocks as the current takes them down along the river.

I find it also interesting how the water shows the true color of the rock. When up on the shore past the water they are dry and dull. Amazing how the refreshing water of the living God can restore us to what He indened us to be.

Being hurt by another person is tough to get over, especially if that person is a relative. We tend to forget that relative or not were all still human. We all still need the love of Jesus to help us truly love others. Our society today focuses us on ourselves its all about US! Not family, not unity or being selfless.

I am by no means close to loving others the way Jesus intends. There is a song called Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath, I do pray this often. My patients is very low, especially when stressed or sick. My children seem to really irritate me more during those times as well. Seeing my kids through Gods eyes or that rude cashier or the relative that talks about you behind your back, or to your face.

So many times I have wished to just crawl in a hole and never see another human again, then the flash of “Wilson” appears in my mind from the great movie Cast Away. The movie is about a man who becomes stranded on an island. The plane crash washed up a volley ball, which he, while trying to make fire, cuts his hand, grabs the ball and throws it in anger and fustration. The bloody handy print later turns into a face which he calls Wilson (the brand of course) he becomes attached to Wilson as if it were a real person, even cries when he drifted away and couldn’t save him. Yes, I cried to at this part in the movie, I know, I am a sap!

So we were not ment to live life alone, or if not we will go insane in the unhealthy way and become friends with sports equipment!

I know being hurt, hurts! It is only with the help of the Holy Spirit and much prayer time can we come to a place of forgiveness. Praying to see others through Gods eyes helps take the focus off ourself. That rude cashier might just need to know that some people are trust worthy and kind. Maybe that relative needs to be shown a different reaction to their negative comments. Love can break through the toughest walls! Even our own!


  1. My aunt always reminds me to pray even for the ones that treat us poorly, that’s what gets me through some tough times with some family members. I have noticed a change with how people treat others, think social media has something to do with. Even if someone is cruel and selfish it doesn’t mean we have to be the same way back. Maybe just maybe they will like the kinder way better if they see it more out there in the world. Then say a prayer that they see that being kind is always the answer.

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