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Blue Skies

No matter where you live, spring is usually very wet, with more rain than other seasons. Despite not having many blue skies during this season, its spring! Beautiful blooming flowers and trees, animal babies all around! There is much to bring a smile to your face during spring!

My seasonal depression is usually winter… my circumstances have prolonged my winter depression. I am praying to be content with my current living situation. As well as I ask for prayer in this as well.

Music and singing has always been a stress reliever. I have been so off my norm lately I have hardly listened to it, unless driving. I cook 3 times a day and most of the time its to music. Since living in our hotel, I have not done this. Nor do I have an escape to read my bible in peace. I am learning a new mom ignore sense…. my 6th sense you could say.

Organizing a small space has streched my abilities. Trying to lesson the chaos has been challenging. I am not defeated yet! I have relied on my Lord more than ever.

During a short visit back home to see my daughter and grandbeauty, I was able to visit my old bible study as well. The study was on keeping your faith strong, especially those who are in a trial in Hebrews 10. Have you ever took a dry sponge and dropped a tiny drop of water on it, then watched it slowly expand as the water made its way into each crevice. I totaly felt like a dry sponge with that study slowly sprining my sould back to life.

Listening to my music this morning during break fast, I heard an amazing song by one of my favorite artists. I have definitely lost site of blue skies in this storm. It was a nice reminder that I dont have to wait for my circumstances to be blue skies, I already have them!


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