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Mustard Seed

The lack of common sense, or common courtesy in people today really amazes me. I know many people who are not God fearing who are still very nice people. My experiences latley have shown a spot light on the common sense challenged people.

My compassion for people latley has been under the test microscope! It seems the times we are at our weakest is the opportune time to refine some of our not up to date characteristics in Gods eyes.

I have totally failed in this department latley. My sleep has been, well hardly any over the last month. Lack of sleep has many serious consequences both physically and mentally. Im about at that breaking point, and something needs to give quick!

It seems though in the times we can not see the light at the end of the tunnel, is when Jesus comes rushing in at the last moment ready to save the day! He should be here any moment now!

Even still I am trying to be more aware of my shortened nerves and remember to give grace, remembering is the hard part! I can say i have felt a bit more into the swing of things as school work is going quite nicely with my kiddos. I am still trying to not focus on my negative thoughts and feelings, even when they seem so big you can’t look around them. I totally get why the Bible refers to faith as small as a mustard seed. The tiniest little seed amongst the greatness of evil can grow into an enormous tree of faith!

Just because something is small, doesn’t mean it wont carry a big punch! I mean germs…. we can not even see them with out a microscope and man they can wreck havoc and even kill you! Our tounge…. yep you know where that is going without me having to say!

So yes in the midst of great darkness the tiniest light can be see for miles!

I have great hope in knowing that with my abundance of negative thoughts and situations, all I need is a mustard seed size faith to start!


  1. You are right. I should really start changing my ways, like, if I think negatively about something, then I must not lose hope, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and there’s always hope even in the darkest times.

    Don’t hesitate to visit my blog page, I would love to connect with you. 🙂

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