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Ready or Not?


This past Sunday we had a visiting pastor from India, who our church supports as a mission group.  Pastor George Chaanikamannil gave a sermon of great encouragement! He taught on the passage in 2 Peter 3: 10-13. The entire third chapter is an amazingly encouraging read, especially in todays day and age when it is not hard to look around and wonder what is happening to our world. I cringe every time I open my Facebook in anticipation of what new crazy horror on this planet I might read about. The things I see and hear about today  I often find myself asking if the Lord is returning tomorrow!

I personally do believe we are in the end times, not soon enough end times though. Pastor George assured us in the Bible teachings that with all the prophecies written and accomplished about his first coming were correct, then there is no reason to not believe the prophecies about his second coming. A few points Pastor George made that totally turned that light bulb over my head on, where this; No other human has had a biography written about their lives 2,000 years before they were even born! The prophecy regarding Jesus death, mainly the details of his crucifixion from Kind David had not even been invited as a death for 300 years after the prophecy you can find in Psalm 22. For those of you who might not believe that Jesus was the son of God in flesh, do your own research! Search the hundreds of prophecies not just in the Bible but many non- Christian books that have came to pass.

Matthew 24:14


And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

King James Version (KJV)

The word nations here refers to ethnic groups. There are around 22,000 ethnic groups in the world. Over 4,000 ethnic groups in India alone, and over 2,000 of those 4,000 have no gospel witnesses. Many people do not know that there is a law in India, no out side missionaries are allowed in India! Reaching India as a primarily Hindu religion is very hard. We need to pray for this country! There is so much hopelessness there for so many. It breaks my heart to hear of how things are over there. Pastor George is part of if you would like to follow their progress of missions, and there cause.

With the hope and promise of our Lords second coming, there is also a warning of “Are You Ready?” Are you living a Godly life? The bible states he will return like a thief in the night, do thieves send an email informing you of there coming. NO! So therefore we need to always be on guard and ready. I for one do not want to miss the rapture if it is in my life time. God knows we are and can not be perfect right now, but its the truly heart felt trying part that counts.

There is a real thief out there who has been around for centuries with many tricks up his sleeve who is not dressed in a red cape with big scary horns. He is dressed as every enticing, luring thing you can think of, after US the Church. There is only one weapon in the armor of God, The Sword of Truth, the living breathing word of God! If we do not know our Bible we will be sitting ducks out in the open…. Are you armed with the Word of God hidden in your heart? Are you ready for his return?

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