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Have you ever had the experience of driving when you suddenly realize you dont remember the entire drive? Or caught your self in an awake dream stare to realize who knows how much time went by in your seemingly momentous blank stare? Or you blink and you suddenly have a gorgeous almost 2yr old grandbaby!! Or you look at your blog posts with a week dead and gone with no writing!

Ha, ya that is all me of course. Time is flying by, with nothing going on! My writers block is also very much alive and wrecking brain fog havoc!

Despite the chaotic drama in my life, God has still found many little ways and used my children as vessels to speak to me! All this drama has reminded me that in the end, it all really doesn’t matter. God is so much bigger than my problems. I need to remind my problems my God is the answer! God has sought me out to remind me of this, even using a childs cartoon to remind me of his great love for me.

I am so greatful of my childrens faith. The nights I am so exhausted I forget to pray with the family, I hear in the quiet darkness in my sleepy drifts into my dreams, a soft familiar voice starting a prayer “Dear Jesus” then follows the rest of the family!

The smiles my heart makes looking at my children being kind and loving, or jumping in to help unload the cart without being asked at the store. The hard work of parenting does pay off! Its those small joys in midst of a storm that keep you going!

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