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As some one who has been completely healed of suicidal thoughts over 2 years ago, from a life time of suffering and many attempts, it breaks my heart to hear of any suicide.

Our church survice was all about hope today. One of the pastors point statements was “those with hope see solutions where the hopless see obstacles.” This statement was so profound! The devils greatest victory even to Christians is to take away our hope.

I have been in that very dark, lonley, hopless place in your mind. The place where your walled into a corner surrounded by the devils lies of hoplessness. The place where lies are so loud and over powering to the point of death seeming like the only escape from all the chaos of your thoughts being thrown into a blender trying to make sense of the mixture poured out.

The father of lies did not get his name from telling the truth. The solution is God, the word of truth, the Bible hidden in our hearts is the only defenses against these lies. You can not tell a lie from the truth unless you know the truth! Do you know what the Bible says about you? Find out, claim it, believe it and tell the devil he is WRONG! You are loved, flaws and all! There is a God who sent his son to die for YOU, AND ME!

There is hope for you, for me, for us all!

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