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Blessings in Disguise

The value of human life, today in our world it seems very minuscule. Unless you or a loved one has been given the blessing of opened eyes of death. Yes I said blessing…. no, it does not seem like it at the time.

I read an article of a mother who lost her young son to cancer, she wrote about an ink stain he left on the carpet a few months prior to the diagnose. This mother continued in her writing to show the “blessing in the mess” she is reminded of her son every time she looks at this mess…

People can go on with their dull borning daily routine rushing through life, stressing over small things… until you are given the news of it will all end sooner than you thought. It is then you step back and analyze your busy daily routine to see how truly unimportant certin things really are.

Why is it that the need of death is required to recognize the beauty of life?

The saying “you never knew what you had until its gone…” is a very true statement. Although it doesn’t need to be that way. We have the opportunity every day to change, choose differently a way of looking and thinking about the day a head. Not letting ourself fall into the rut of an auto pilot lifestyle, gives us the chance to see new things. Being open and ready to approach any situation with love.

I am far from not letting my anger take charge when my kids are less than pleasant with each other. It is a start though to be aware. Then realizing we have been given a helper, the Holy Spirit when we are being less than pleasant.

I dont want to take advantage of my loved ones present life. I do not want regrets of my less than pleasant behavior to be all I remember of their absence.

I have been in a rough place latley, which of course effects my behavior. I have been less than pleasant latley. The refining processes isn’t always too pleasant… as changing our hearts can take time in smoothing those bumpy rough areas of our stone hearts. Just as a river rock becomes smooth it must go through rough waters to endure the end master piece.

I am learning that it is humbling to ask your children for forgiveness no matter their age. We as parents often time do not think we need to do this when we react in less than pleasant behavior. Value in life starts with being humble.

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