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The Tears Behind The Glass Eyes

Gazing through the hazy clouds of a storm, to see a sliver of blue skies. The smallest window of clear as glass skies beyond the great rumble of thunder and dash of bright blinding lightning. Above the fluff of grayish black cotton like clouds the calming beems of sunlight break through the weakness of the storm cloud. There is no forever storm that the face of the Son can not break through.

Although my storm is behind a glass eye, unseen to the very ones who look into the one way mirror, the very ones who watch the puppet dance and play with laughter all abound.

The window to my soul has a slight flaw, you see the very thing the mirror protrays is not the very thing it dismays. The display I protray is a happy array. So careful not to show the chaos of thoughts running abound.

How does one protray the tears they hide of the horrors inside? There is a place inside my head that would frighten the ones who I could let in.

This is the dark eerie place my demons hide. The place I sit alone and cry. The place I fear, in all my fears. A place that seems impossible to clear, a place I both fear and revere. The place I hide my past regrets and the future thoughts I fret.

This is the place, behind the clear glass eyes, the very place my saviour desires! All it takes is the smallest silver to force through the darkness to encompass the light! All my fright can be gone all in one night! If only I would uphold the light!

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