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I have been reading quite a bit of different short Bible devotions on my Bible app on my phone lately. I have tried to read them the moment I wake, usually before my feet even hit the floor. I am desperately needing my thoughts to be on Jesus every minute of the day. My mind is in such a fragile state right now with much devastation overwhelming my life.

You would think one who has lived a pretty hard, rough life would eventually get used to being in a state of devastation. I can tell you as I write this, a big fat NOPE. Stacking troubles ontop of troubles doesn’t get easier. It does how ever build that tower closer to heaven but still gets you no where but a higher mountain to climb to put that next trouble ontop of the heeping pile.

I feel as though one wrong thought will cause the house of cards to fall, crushing me underneath. I am trying to lean even closer to the only thing that is worth my thoughts, Jesus.

Being on a self seeking journey is not the road I wanted to travel. Rescent events have caused my car to make an extremely sharp right turn onto this road. I find comfort knowing that God is in the car with me and I am slowly giving up the driver’s seat. Tired and weary of the places I have driven myself too, desperately needing a new heading in life I have turned my thoughts my heart to the only one who loves me for me! All of me!

If you are facing a road that looks really dangerous to travel but know that’s where your headed, take the GPS maker with you, God. Gods Plan Saves! My road is pretty rough but I know at the end, if I put my trust and Hope in God I will make it out better than when I started.

My word for 2019 is Hope! So many things in my life need me to be filled with Hope right now to even start driving down this scary road!

My verse is Hebrews 10:23 Let us hold unswervingly to the Hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.

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