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Category: Cancer

Tea & Tissues

Something I found interesting when reading of Jesus life on earth was his ability to just listen. We all know he had/has the power to hear our thoughts and preform […]

Waves of Life

Have you ever stood on the sandy shores of the beach, up where the frothy waves leave their mark on the shore? As the waves just barley cover your bare […]

Love Language

My family has been learning american sign language. I am normally a “hand” talker when I talk anyway, I’m sure there is some Italian mama in our genes somewhere! I […]


There is this new song by Landry Cantrell called Gravity, about Gods love being like gravity. ┬áIts an amazing and catchy song, almost like my own heart wrote it! WE […]

Life’s Pitches

  I was going through our desk, packing of course and came across something my husband wrote on a note pad. The note pad was from a hotel, it must […]


As the day of moving approaches, I have become less and less motivated. Im not sure as to why this is happening. I have a few theories, but still not […]

Update 1

Hello all, Please continue to pray for my husband. Even though this journey has just recently begun, it has been a roller coaster of getting things done. There has been […]

The Gift of the Present

I heard someone on the radio say, ” you can’t change the past but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future” WOW that one went straight through, […]

Your Friend with cancer…

This is not my writings but I thought I would share it any way because its really good information. It can be hard to know what to do or say….. […]

3rd Times the Charm?

Does this status bar look familiar to all you Facebook gooroos? My husband tagged me today in a reminder status he wrote today, 3 years ago! It said this: So […]


Laying in bed the last 2 nights listening to my husdand snores has been a refreshing of hope. Yes most wives/husdand will 99.9% of the time be annoyed at this […]

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! My husband was recently diagnosed with late stage laryngeal cancer. He is 35, we have 5 kids and 1 precious grand baby! He has Chrons disease […]