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Category: Faith

No limits

No limits, have you ever sat and pondered this thought? “God has NO limits” we on the other hand live by limits. Limits of time, strength/weakness, our very thoughts are […]


As some one who has been completely healed of suicidal thoughts over 2 years ago, from a life time of suffering and many attempts, it breaks my heart to hear […]

Ready or Not?

This past Sunday we had a visiting pastor from India, who our church supports as a mission group.  Pastor George Chaanikamannil gave a sermon of great encouragement! He taught on […]

Mustard Seed

The lack of common sense, or common courtesy in people today really amazes me. I know many people who are not God fearing who are still very nice people. My […]


My kids have often asked me why God doesn’t just “speak” out loud to them. They dont quite undrestand yet, there are many ways to “speak” without using your voice. […]

Blue Skies

No matter where you live, spring is usually very wet, with more rain than other seasons. Despite not having many blue skies during this season, its spring! Beautiful blooming flowers […]

Gods Eyes

Being a Christian as with most good things in life, isn’t easy. If it were, we wouldn’t need help doing it. The Holy Spirit wouldn’t have a job to do. […]

Spring Cleaning

Being a Christian doesn’t mean we have to wait for eternity to reap the benefits. We can unpack our luggage and leave it at the foot of the cross! We […]


I heard on the radio the other day a tidbit of a pastors sermon, as the radio station usually grabs your attention with the cake toppings part of the sermons. […]

Early Bird Gets The Worm

Not being a morning person I have always loved all the memes about this saying. I have actually thought that maybe my unsuccessful life was due to not being a […]

Tea & Tissues

Something I found interesting when reading of Jesus life on earth was his ability to just listen. We all know he had/has the power to hear our thoughts and preform […]

Waves of Life

Have you ever stood on the sandy shores of the beach, up where the frothy waves leave their mark on the shore? As the waves just barley cover your bare […]


Have you ever eaten something that was “bittersweet?” My first thought was Sourpatch kids candy… No idea why, I dont eat that kind of candy any longer. I do however […]

Check list

  The next few days will be filled with wonderful chaos! If I can write I will, but I am not making any promises. My oldest daughter’s birthday is tomorrow […]

Love Language

My family has been learning american sign language. I am normally a “hand” talker when I talk anyway, I’m sure there is some Italian mama in our genes somewhere! I […]


There is this new song by Landry Cantrell called Gravity, about Gods love being like gravity.  Its an amazing and catchy song, almost like my own heart wrote it! WE […]