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Category: Mom Life

Blessings in Disguise

The value of human life, today in our world it seems very minuscule. Unless you or a loved one has been given the blessing of opened eyes of death. Yes […]


The big F word… FEAR! Not the F word you were thinking of? This F word is still pretty bad. Fear is the seed to all undesirable sinful behavior. Fear […]

Mustard Seed

The lack of common sense, or common courtesy in people today really amazes me. I know many people who are not God fearing who are still very nice people. My […]


My kids have often asked me why God doesn’t just “speak” out loud to them. They dont quite undrestand yet, there are many ways to “speak” without using your voice. […]

Blue Skies

No matter where you live, spring is usually very wet, with more rain than other seasons. Despite not having many blue skies during this season, its spring! Beautiful blooming flowers […]

Early Bird Gets The Worm

Not being a morning person I have always loved all the memes about this saying. I have actually thought that maybe my unsuccessful life was due to not being a […]

Day Off

Being a “homemaker” as the title is labeled these days for a stay at home parent/spouse is called now, I could use a day off, or even a sick day! […]

Waves of Life

Have you ever stood on the sandy shores of the beach, up where the frothy waves leave their mark on the shore? As the waves just barley cover your bare […]


Have you ever eaten something that was “bittersweet?” My first thought was Sourpatch kids candy… No idea why, I dont eat that kind of candy any longer. I do however […]

Check list

  The next few days will be filled with wonderful chaos! If I can write I will, but I am not making any promises. My oldest daughter’s birthday is tomorrow […]


There is this new song by Landry Cantrell called Gravity, about Gods love being like gravity.  Its an amazing and catchy song, almost like my own heart wrote it! WE […]

Cane or Able?

Today is national sibling day. Did you know that after Cane killed able they had another son, Seth. Jesus comes forth out of this righteous line. I thought reading of […]

Mom Guilt

Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens There was a time in my life that I carried this tromendous amount […]

He Held Me First

My 7 year old daughter Izzabella has often said this phrase to me before and I have heard he say it while playing with her siblings as well. I never […]

Auto Pilot

The last few months my husband has been working permanently out of town. We do plan on joining him shortly. Over this last year my husbands career has taken him […]